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Sep 23, 2022

0:00 Intro
4:30 Intelligence
42:00 Food crisis
46:45 World War 3
59:00 Karl Grossman


- We are ALREADY in World War III, but the governments aren't telling the people.
- China has reportedly pushed 200,000 troops into the fray, along with supplies
- Russia is preparing for GLOBAL warfare, a fight to the very end
- Everybody needs extra iodine and stored food in case FALLOUT contaminates new crops
- Poland is now handing out iodine to citizens
- How #iodine really works (and how it doesn't)
- What happens to immunosuppressed vaccinated people when global radiation is unleashed in a nuclear war?
- Horrific #FAMINE is right around the corner, and will persist through 2023
- World's food supply requires TWO YEARS of great harvests to normalize
- Poor US food harvest being reported now, will worsen food supply chain

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