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Mar 17, 2017

Do the Russians have a secret weapon that could unleash a massive tidal wave against major East Coast U.S. cities such as New York City?

According to a high level Russian military source, the answer is YES.

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Mar 13, 2017

The REAL goal of the corporate-run media is to suppress human knowledge and prevent a mass awakening of humanity.

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Mar 3, 2017

BREAKING: California government secret document admits cell phone radiation "penetrates" childrens' brains and causes brain cancer.

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Feb 24, 2017

The Health Ranger broadcasts an emergency message to Anonymous and the Hactivist community, and speaks for truth and freedom for all of humanity.

Learn why Google censored the entire website to silence the Health Ranger. 

Feb 23, 2017

The Health Ranger details the 10 timeless principles that drive his work and his mission, while sharing never-before-heard details about his youth, college education and upbringing.

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Feb 23, 2017

Google goes FASCIST and censors the entire website without warning. The fascist censorship of free speech has begun, and Natural News is one of the publishers being targeted by Google.

Feb 22, 2017

The Health Ranger asks how journalists can live with themselves when they're nothing but whores and prostitutes for the corporate-run media. Do they shower off the filth and shame at the end of each workday?

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Feb 16, 2017

In this podcast, lab science director Mike Adams explores explanations for the "Mandela Effect" that's freaking people out everywhere...

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Jan 24, 2017

Check out the Health Ranger's bold plan to Help Make America Great Again

Feb 10, 2016

Natural News just dumped all ad networks! To protect reader privacy while offering a vastly improved reader experience, we're now running a homegrown ad system that avoids all animations, videos, popups, pop-unders and ad network tracking cookies!

Check out why millions of people are discovering Natural News and finding themselves EMPOWERED with health wisdom and lifesaving knowledge found nowhere else.


Jan 20, 2016

America's apparent first world status is nothing more than a mirage. If it wasn't for America's runaway debt spending and fiat currency printing via the Federal Reserve, nearly every city in the nation would be plunged into severe depression and outbreaks of social chaos.

Underneath the debt-ridden facade of America's cities lies a broken, decrepit infrastructure that's literally falling apart due to negligence and financial bankruptcy.

Thanks to leftist politicians who are by definition short-sighted, government money is being redirected away from crucial infrastructure projects in order to fund more government handouts to voters. Who needs bridges and water pipes to work when there's so much free money being given away via food stamps, unemployment benefits, health care subsidies and housing subsidies?

The great socialist utopia of America is Flint, Michigan, where city officials knowingly poison hundreds of thousands of children with toxic lead in the water supply. And why did they do that? Because it saved them money that they could use to fund more entitlement handouts to win more votes in the next election.

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Jan 18, 2016

I've spent the last two years running a heavy metals analysis science lab and writing a detailed, heavily researched book on forensic food analysis.

To my own horror, I've come to the conclusion from all this that humanity is driving itself insane with constant chemical contamination and heavy metals pollution that's driving human minds to clinical madness.

The real reason society is so incredibly insane all around us is rooted in the poisonous heavy metals being fed to factory farmed chickens (and other animals) whose poop is harvested and spread on soils that are used to grow foods for humans. Once humans eat the contaminated food that's laced with lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic, their own feces is "recycled" and turned into "bio solids" that are placed back onto commercial farm lands as "fertilizer."

This cycle of metals accumulation results in a constant rise in the concentration of toxic substances in our environment and foods. As people consume these foods (and other toxic substances such as mercury in dental fillings and fluoride in municipal water supplies), they are driven to the brink of madness.

It is these people who are now the voters, the politicians, the media personalities and the decision makers. The modern world of western civilization has literally gone insane, much like the Roman Empire which fed its own people water that was, unbeknownst to them, poisoned with lead.

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Jan 18, 2016

The entire global money system is now based on FAITH, not fundamentals. And because faith is a psychological phenomenon, it can collapse suddenly, leading to global systemic collapse of the debt behind the fiat currencies.

As Mike Adams explains in this powerful podcast, most people deeply misunderstand what makes money "acceptable" as a medium of exchange. Accordingly, the vastly underestimate the risk of systemic collapse stemming from the psychological impact of globally destabilizing events such as nuclear war, solar flares taking out the power grid, or "natural" events that aren't modeled in bankers' risk assessment systems.

If you want to survive the economic chaos that's coming, you need to understand just how fragile the money system really is. This also explains why the White House and state-run media are so desperate to censor real economic news and construct a fabricated narrative that claims unemployment is low, jobs are plentiful and stock markets can only go UP.

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Jan 13, 2016

Don't believe anything you read about health from the large corporate "gatekeepers" of online information (like Google, Wikipedia, WebMD, etc.)

They're all deliberate lies and misinformation, designed to prevent you from learning the truth about natural cures, disease prevention, nutritional therapies, self-healing, vitamin D for cancer prevention and much more.

The real truth about health is only found in the independent media. Here are the best sources: : This podcast : The search engine for independent media : Search the PubMed database of published scientific studies : Daily news on natural health and natural living : Headlines from across trusted indy media