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Mar 16, 2018

Already HALF of last year's cryptocurrency ICOs have crashed and burned. Yep, just like we warned ya...

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May 17, 2017

P/E ratios in the current stock market bubble have now nearly reached dot com bubble proportions. This likely means the "dot com 2.0" CRASH is very near. Don't get caught believing that "this time it's different."

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May 3, 2017

Citing the movie, "The Big Short," Mike Adams explains why the next global debt collapse will be "too big to BAIL."

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Apr 18, 2017

If Trump goes all in for the globalists, the long-predicted market crash that was going to be blamed on Trump might be deliberately delayed.

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Nov 24, 2016

The Health Ranger warns about the coming collapse of pension funds nationwide. The city of Dallas is already facing a massive bankruptcy due to a $7 billion shortfall on its pension fund.

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May 2, 2016

* Pension programs across America are under-funded by $3.4trillion.

* The strategy for pension programs is to cook the books andthen, when they can no longer cover up the financial facts, claimto be "too big to fail" and demand a bailout.

* Pensions all across America are going into default. How manypension plans can the federal government bail out?

* Most of these pensions provide monthly retirement incomes toformer government workers.

* The government repeatedly LIES to you about all economicnumbers and debt numbers.

* Government is in the business of making promises they can'tkeep! This includes pension promises.

* If you are relying on a government pension for yourretirement, you may need to rethink how reliable that is.

* Consider ways to increase your income or lower your cost ofliving.

* How much is your pension worth if the dollar collapses?

* You need some REAL assets as a backup.

* What's real? Gold, silver, land, ammo...

* Can you cash out your pension and invest it in somethingthat's REAL?

* It is a mathematical fact that most people who are owedpension money will never receive it.

* Only a few will be able to ever collect what they are owed: Anunderfunded pension is a Ponzi scheme.

* All Ponzi schemes collapse. It is a mathematicalcertainty.

* Count on the system failing now, and you may avoid beingvictimized by it.

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Apr 13, 2016

* EVERYTHING is rigged: Politics, finance, medicine, the news, etc.

* Society is rigged against you, to keep you enslaved, ignorant and dis-empowered.

* You can be set free from the "theater for your mind" by becoming aware and awake of what's really happening around you.

* The entire financial system is rigged to keep you in an endless cycle of poverty and debt.

* Ever notice how the government bailed out the wealthy elite banksters but never bails out the People?

* The entire health care system is rigged as a medical monopoly to keep you sick and dependent on doctors, drugs and ripoff health insurance.

* Google also takes part in enforcing the Big Pharma monopoly by banning advertising from Canadian pharmacies that can sell drugs to U.S. consumers at a fraction of the monopoly prices set in the USA.

* The only way to avoid being victimized by the rigged health care system is to learn how to eat healthy, prevent disease and not need Big Pharma's toxic poisons.

* Property taxes are another way Big Government enslaves you and makes sure they can keep confiscating money from you even after you've already paid for everything once.

* The Central Banks are printing money, effectively STEALING money from you (without even having to put a gun to your head).

* State-run media incessantly try to paint a positive picture even when it's all crashing around you.

* The financial scam is made intentionally complex so that everyday people can't figure out how they're being ripped off.

* The types of banking activities being used today in America will one day be criminalized and banned.

* The establishment will ROB you of every last dime you ever earned, via "health care" fraud, taxes, pension fund confiscations, etc.

* We will never have a future if we don't stop the criminal banksters.

* We don't have capitalism in America, we have cronism.

* Why we have to ARREST THE BANKSTERS to save America!

* The entire federal income tax has no economic justification... it exists to control your behavior and DISTRACT you from reality. Mathematically speaking, the government doesn't need a dime of your money to operate.

* Every rigged system eventually collapses.

* What kind of society will we build on the other side of the collapse of this rigged system?

* Why we need a GOLD standard for our money supply to avoid government printing and fiat currency debasement.

* An honest money system would allow you to keep what you earn and prevent the government (and the banksters) from stealing everything you have.

* Get ready for radical change across our society.

* It's time for a peaceful revolution of the People to rise up and take back their money supply from the criminals and thieves who have stolen it from us.

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Feb 18, 2016

In this fascinating podcast, the Health Ranger explains how to legally avoid paying taxes on a good portion of your food and medicine.

You can save a small fortune using this method while also preventing disease, boosting your nutritional intake and becoming a whole lot more self-reliant and "prepped" for the unknown.

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Stop throwing money away on your food and medicine! Learn how to save a fortune, work less, eat better, prevent disease, live happier and healthier and be self-reliant, all at the same time!

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Feb 3, 2016

Don't think for a minute that the federal government is going to protect you from the coming financial collapse.

As we saw from the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, the SEC deliberately looked the other way even when all the evidence was handed to them on a silver platter.

When it comes to bankers, Wall Street and government, it's all one giant collusion orgy among criminals and liars. This is why YOU WON'T BE WARNED when it all starts to hit the fan.

The media won't warn you, either.

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Jan 19, 2016

This is an emergency economic alert issued to readers and fans of and

The global financial implosion is now very near. Many catastrophic signs now point to a coming wave of economic and financial devastation:

* The plummeting of the Baltic Dry Index to record lows, indicating that global manufacturing of consumer goods has nearly ground to a halt.

* Rising intra-bank lending interest rates in Asia, indicating that Asia's banks now believe other banks are about to go bankrupt.

* Plummeting oil prices causing bankruptcy wipeouts across the U.S. energy industry, creating a supply crisis when the glut whiplashes the other way into a shortage.

* Plummeting retail sales across the board (both online and brick and mortar).

The markets now stand on the verge of a titanic collapse. It's only a matter of time before the laws of economics overtake the false propaganda of the delusional financial media.

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Jan 8, 2016

In this extremely valuable podcast, I ask retirement investors the question: Why are you holding stocks with naked (absolute) exposure to downside losses?

If you understand the basics of options trading, you can use options on stocks you already own to dramatically REDUCE your risk and LOCK IN gains you've already achieved.

Here, I explain how this work and why it's a strategy you may want to investigate, especially considering the global systemic risk of catastrophic losses as the debt system implodes, decimating the valuation of stocks you may already hold.

Dec 18, 2015

It's all coming down, and the GOP just committed financial suicide. Thanks, Paul Ryan!

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