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Mar 7, 2023

0:00 Chicken Feed
27:42 Critical News
44:59 Other Headlines
51:04 Bizarre Story
1:03:03 Interview with Kristen Meghan and Tammy Clark

- Tractor Supply chicken feed test results released
- About twice the glyphosate and aflatoxins of other tested brands
- But still within ranges considered "safe" by FDA and USDA
- Other organic brands actually had HIGHER heavy metals like cadmium and lead
- EVERY brand tested contained some level of heavy metals, glyphosate or aflatoxins
- Huge gathering of US military hardware in Poland is part of the build-up to attack Russia
- The USA will carry out a massive false flag to whip up emotional support for World War III
- Another "Pearl Harbor" is being engineered by the DoD to justify WAR
- A popular YouTube prepper doesn't know how to treat food poisoning: Recommends TYLENOL!
- He doesn't know about chlorine dioxide, oregano oil or natural antibiotics
- Some people think "prepping" is all about guns and gear, and they lack emergency medicine knowledge
- Brazil approves GMO wheat
- Global sperm counts plummeting
- Germans warned their power grid is being rapidly DISMANTLED
- Interview with Kristen Meghan and Tammy Clark with Stand Up Michigan (about Ohio chemical catastrophe)

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