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Jan 16, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:24 ATF Gun Control
21:00 Russia vs Ukrain and Nato
30:00 Globalization Collapse
42:20 Sweden
44:36 Hunter Biden
47:55 Corruption
50:05 Bodies Storage
51:21 Vaccinated Pilots
53:47 LAPD
59:22 Food
1:02:10 Insect Farms
1:07:35 Infected Meat
1:13:45 Spike Proteins


- Scott Ritter warns Russia will WIN, NATO will lose and Ukraine will be conquered
- US Navy Secretary admits we can't arm Ukraine and keep up national defense, too
- ATF goes insane, declares millions of Americans to be FELONS over AR pistol braces
- Hunter Biden paid $50K / month to Joe for "house rental" (kickbacks)
- Why the collapse of globalization will destroy the electric vehicle market
- Key minerals: Cobalt, zinc, copper, aluminum, lithium will be SCARCE and expensive
- Pfizer donates $1 million to new GOP building in Kentucky, buying off the Republicans
- So many new dead in the UK, now makeshift morgues being set up in parking lots
- WEF demands unvaccinated pilots fly members to Davos
- LAPD police chief is radical left-wing police hater, bans "Thin Blue Line" flags
- USDA warns of plummeting corn yield, and winter wheat devastated by cold surge
- Globalists now pushing mealworms - BEETLE BURGERS - to replace meat
- Have you tried your black soldier fly larvae nuggets yet today?
- Dr. Malone warns that mRNA vaccines are already used in livestock
- At what point must we STOP buying conventional meat products due to spike protein risk?
- Support local farmers, grow local food
- Spike protein confirmed to spread via body fluids, so be careful who you sleep with

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