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Mar 26, 2024

- It only takes one truth-teller to awaken many others to reality
- State Farm cancelling 72,000 property insurance policies in California
- Insurance industry knows something BIG is coming that will devastate properties in blue states
- Most likely event is a post-election riot / revolt / civil war
- Colorado State University virus bioweapons lab suffers dozens of accidents and doesn't tell the public
- Researchers bitten by rabies-infected cats, splashed with blood from diseased mice, mishandled MERS, SARS, etc.
- US finally allows a UN resolution to pass that calls for a ceasefire from #Israel
- Speedcubing update from Mike, with new video of some speed solves and cubing patterns
- #Trump bond reduced to $175 million by NY appeals court
- P Diddy arrested for alleged involvement in trafficking of women
- His next album will be called "Diddler on the Roof"
- UK museum claims dinosaurs were LGBT, which explains TRANNYsaurus Rex

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