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May 9, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:18 Interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
42:10 Breaking News
1:02:43 Interview with Paul Wittenberger

- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss border security, election integrity, voter ID and more
- Covers the investigation and PROSECUTION of covid officials who committed fraud
- RFK achieves stunning CROSSOVER support from Republicans and conservatives
- Adams invites Trump team for an interview
- Mass homelessness in California getting WORSE as Biden's economy crumbles
- Spike protein damages the BRAIN, explaining why vax booster proponents are so dumbed down
- California black groups demand $200 million in reparations payments to EACH black person
- Colorado bureaucrat wants to confiscate money from WHITE-owned businesses to subsidize BLACK businesses
- Interview with Paul Wittenberger, filmmaker and producer of "Fluoride - Poison on Tap" documentary

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