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Mar 27, 2024

- Current events, including zombie news and cannibalism. (0:03)
- Global events, food prices, and medical euthanasia for #autism. (2:09)
- Bridge collapse in Baltimore and potential sabotage. (11:39)
- Cyber attacks on ship navigation systems. (35:03)
- Sabotage operations targeting US infrastructure. (40:39)
- Survival and preparedness in a post-collapse America. (58:20)
- Manipulated information and VPNs. (1:11:00)
- VPNs, privacy, and intelligence agencies. (1:16:57)
- Israeli military and political figures' views on Palestinian depopulation and expulsion. (1:27:22)
- #Preparedness, #survival, and an app with a guest expert. (1:33:24)
- State vs federal government power and nullification. (1:47:43)
- Potential threats to US national security. (1:50:54)
- Survival app and simulation training. (1:59:10)
- #AI misuse and potential threats. (2:05:49)
- Survival communities and government regulations. (2:14:25)

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