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Nov 4, 2022

0:00 Intro
3:45 Elections
19:50 Food Scarcity
37:45 Economic News
50:30 Bombshell Story
1:20:22 Kerri Rivera


- Up to a million Democrats can't vote because of vaccine injury or death
- First election in the post-vaccine genocide era
- Tonga volcanic eruption achieved unprecedented water vapor plume
- Will cause crop failures across the planet for 2 years to come
- Stephen Colbert begs to join the globalist illuminati and push depopulation
- Democrats PROJECT their own agenda, claiming Republicans will murder children
- HALF of college students demand DEATH penalty for "offensive" speech
- Bombshell science study finds VENOM peptides in covid victims
- Dr. Bryan Ardis is proven correct with "venom theory"
- Synthesized venom peptides can be mass produced using engineered e.coli
- mRNA shots can inject people with instructions to produce venom peptides
- Transforms the human body into a venom factory, poisoning from within
- Synthetic venom peptides can be mass produced and freeze dried
- Patent uncovered for aerial drone delivery of chemical and biological weapons
- Ukraine caught trying to buy long-range bioweapon drones for spraying toxins
- US Patent #US8967029B1 describes delivery of biological agents to kill the masses
- Patent filed by "Toxic mosquito aerial release system CRT Trust"
- Designed to "sicken and kill large masses of enemy troops"
- Viral outbreaks can be FAKED by dropping venom peptides on populations

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