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Jun 21, 2024

- Futurism, advanced technology, and nattokinase. (0:00)
- Nattokinase enzyme and its potency measurement in fibrinolytic units. (3:11)
- Nattokinase is a fermented soy product with thrombolytic activity. (8:34)
- Bank debt failure in Japan and the fire sale of US Treasuries. (19:27)
- Israeli-Palestinian conflict,...

Jun 20, 2024

- Ecuador's nationwide power grid failure. (0:03)
- 911 state-wide failure in Massachusetts. (1:38)
- US theft of Russian assets and bizarre justification by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. (13:01)
- New gold-backed currency system #BRICS for international settlements. (23:14)
- Potential conflict between #Israel and...

Jun 19, 2024

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- FEMA camps and government weaponization. (7:53)
- Whistleblower's allegations of child mutilation cover-up in a Texas hospital.
- Kansas AG sues #Pfizer over alleged fraud and #censorship collusion. (20:46)
- Holding...

Jun 18, 2024

- Malaysia to join #BRICS. (0:03)
- The Straight of Mallac, trade routes, and decline of the US empire. (2:14)
- US Navy's limited capabilities in the Pacific compared to China's vast shipyard and naval power. (19:35)
- #Dollar collapse and potential retaliation by #Russia. (25:06)
- Timeline of collapse for world...

Jun 17, 2024

- "Swiss piss" peace negotiations without involving Russia.
- Yemen's military sinks two cargo vessels during Red Sea blockade. (9:51)
- Nazi philosophy, Ukraine conflict, #Gaza and #Israel. (20:29)
- Trump's campaign promises to end LGBT indoctrination of children in schools. (26:15)
- Potential mass arrests of...