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Jul 18, 2024

- Suspicious short bets placed on Trump's company before assassination attempt. (0:03)
- Why the deep state wants #Trump dead, including political and financial motives. (12:27)
- Biden's potential soft landing and alleged involvement in assassination attempt on Trump. (17:20)
- The Secret Service's role in shooting of...

Jul 17, 2024

- Inclusivity in the MAGA movement, embracing diverse religions and ethnicities. (0:00)
- Embracing former leftists who are recently red-pilled. (9:47)
- Assassination attempt on President #Trump, Secret Service COMPLICITY. (13:35)
- More details emerge about attempted assassination of Trump. (29:51)
- Trump's skeptical...

Jul 16, 2024

Three key time segments of escalating violence and collapse:
1) From NOW through Election Day - Ramping up of false flag risk and left-wing protests
2) From Election Day through Inauguration Day (assuming Trump wins) - UNLEASHING of massive left-wing violence / purge days
3) From Inauguration Day (Jan, 2025) -...

Jul 15, 2024

- Ballistics of assassination attempt on President Trump. (0:04)
- Trump's headshot, bullet trajectory, and timing of movement. (10:36)
- Prophecies of attempted assassination of Trump, followed by economic collapse. (27:04)
- Potential near-death experience for US, revival and a rebirth. (34:56)
- INSIDE JOB: The deep...

Jul 14, 2024

- Assassination attempt on #Trump, with forensic audio analysis. (0:03)
- Audio imprinting reveals the distance of shooter. (5:38)
- Eyewitness accounts of the assassination attempt. (12:23)
- Secret Service incompetence during Trump assassination attempt. (23:05)
- Deep state involvement in trying to take out Trump...