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May 22, 2024


- AI model training and fine-tuning with very large alt media datasets (0:03)
- The importance of preserving human knowledge in the face of big tech and government #censorship assaults (4:21)
- Impending financial collapse of America, denial and ignorance among the masses (8:20)
- Two types of outcomes: those who lost...

May 21, 2024


- Western collapse and NATO's priorities of pushing LGBT propaganda. (0:03)
- Ukraine has become a failed state. (4:37)
- ICC seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas officials for war crimes and crimes against humanity in #Gaza. (18:41)
- Israeli actions in Gaza are #genocide. (26:44)
- RFK Jr.'s support for...

May 20, 2024


- LED light stick poi spinning performance with demonstration. (0:03)
- Geopolitical implications of Iranian president's death. (6:01)
- Economic collapse, money printing, and potential global crises. (10:56)
- US-China trade war, #gold and #silver skyrocketing. (16:53)
- Helicopter crash in #Iran, possible causes and...

May 17, 2024


- Russian rocket firings off US West Coast, potential impact on flight safety. (0:03)
- #Dollar decline and DEI fraud scheme involving Facebook and Nike. (5:03)
- Why most #Jews oppose #Zionism due to its supremacist philosophy. (14:19)
- Zionism and its impact on Palestinians. (19:19)
- Palestinian rights, Zionism,...

May 16, 2024


- Building infrastructure for human freedom, featuring speakers on permaculture and financial freedom. (0:03)
- Recent bridge collisions with barges, possible causes and safety concerns. (2:15)
- Gender identity, mental illness, and compliance. (8:05)
- Free speech and censorship in Germany. (15:01)
- Government...