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Apr 22, 2024

- AI, Ukraine, and US politics with a focus on betrayal and lack of support for America. (0:03)
- NASA director's moon misinformation and China's lunar exploration plans. (4:37)
- Space exploration, gravity waves, and faster-than-light travel. (9:38)
- Faster-than-light travel and gravity detection on the far side...

Apr 19, 2024

- Israel's retaliation against Israel's attack on Iranian consulate in Syria. (0:03)
- Potential consequences of #Israel using nuclear weapons. (8:44)
- Oil and #gold prices spike
- Upcoming protests in US over Israel's nuclear weapons. (19:40)
- Potential domestic #terrorism and food shortages after a nuclear attack....

Apr 18, 2024

- US Congress's funding for #Israel and its impact on free speech. (0:03)
- US politics, immigration, and surveillance. (5:23)
- Free speech vs hate speech in relation to #Palestine and Israel. (9:46)
- US involvement in wars and #Ukraine aid. (21:36)
- Western nations looting Russian assets. (32:08)
- Financial...

Apr 17, 2024

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- Healing pain, nuclear power, and economic collapse. (0:03)
- Israel's military response to Iran's attack on Israeli military bases. (4:58)
- Iran's retaliation attack on Israel, with analysis of warning signs and weapon systems...

Apr 16, 2024

- Western civilization's decline. (0:03)
- Illegal immigration and human trafficking. (2:50)
- Iran's military capabilities and conflict with #Israel. (13:18)
- Potential nuclear war between Israel and #Iran, with a focus on preparedness and survival strategies. (19:01)
- US economic decline and shift towards #BRICS...