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Dec 22, 2022

0:00 Intro
2:15 Dr. Robert Malone
43:20 REBUILD of Humanity
1:06:05 War


- Stunning discussion with Dr. Robert Malone
- The critical importance of DECENTRALIZATION
- Decentralized societies are more resilient and have better ideas
- Food, money, medicine, science, education and government all needs to be decentralized
- Hardship and suffering leads to work ethic, morality and humility
- The rise and fall of civilizations - history unfolding before our eyes
- How we learn the hard lessons from covid tyranny and build a future of #freedom
- Preparing for the FREEZE WAVE spreading across most of America
- High risk of "winter kill" for wheat crops across many US states
- Food inflation and scarcity will get far worse in 2023 - 2024
- Why FARM LAND is going up in value even as housing plummets
- When governments lose the consent of the people, they turn to #violence and coercion
- The crime syndicate in Wash D.C. is arrogant, incompetent and stupid
- They will bring us to the brink of war with Russia
- It could spell the end of modern America and Western Europe
- The collapse of the fiat currency dollar debt system will turn US cities into Mad Max zones
- Survivors of the #depopulation agenda get to choose the future for humanity on planet Earth

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