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Nov 20, 2023

0:00 Intro
30:33 Iran
1:00:19 Interview with Steve Quayle

- You are living in a Truman Show scripted political drama
- The Biden script has run its course
- To prevent an uprising or civil war, the establishment will allow #Trump to return
- Trump is pro-pharma, pro-Federal Reserve, pro-Israel and pro-war
- He promises to launch military-run concentration camps to round up illegals
- Once Trump wins, expect Antifa + Intifada (Jihadi) uprisings and domestic #terrorism
- Trump will react by turning America into a lockdown police state
- No travel without heavy security
- Houthi rebels seize "Galaxy Leader" cargo ship in the Red Sea
- More ships with ties to Israel will be seized
- Confirmed: #Israeli helicopter gunships shot and killed hundreds of Israeli civilians on Oct. 7th
- Haaretz published the confirmation, then scrubbed the paragraph later
- Israeli pilots were told to kill anything that moved
- #Iran unveils new hypersonic missile with hyperglide vehicles that go Mach 20+
- There is no question that Iran has nuclear weapons which can reach Israel
- Full interview with Steve Quayle

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