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May 12, 2023

0:00 Intro
5:42 Headlines
16:48 What is MONEY?
31:42 Interview with David Morgan
1:22:53 Interview with Dr. Deborah Mash

- RFK, Jr. says he will never team up with Trump
- Will Trump ever see the mistake in teaming up with Pfizer and Operation Warp Speed?
- Vitamin D research shows it PREVENTS cancer tumors from growing, especially if people take it earlier
- Why the cancer industry wants to irradiate more women's breasts EARLIER than ever... to cause more cancer
- Why CRYPTO is money, and how mature crypto (emerging tech) has special properties that give it intrinsic value
- How properties like anonymity, non-confiscatability, portability, speed of transfer, etc., add VALUE to crypto
- Full interview with David Morgan on gold, silver, crypto and more bank collapses yet to come
- Full interview with Dr. Deborah Mash, who is championing a natural molecule as an effective addiction treatment drug

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