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Jul 20, 2023

0:00 Intro
0:52 Ban of Appliances
15:25 Blackouts
38:35 Chlorine Dioxide
57:34 Interview with Maria Zeee

- 95% of gas generators currently sold in America to be outlawed in six months
- Operation "Dark Brandon" seeks to plunge America into darkness and desperation
- Without electricity, no one will have access to websites or private communications
- The simple solution for generating electricity: Diesel-powered tractors and PTO generators
- Brazil's Central Bank Digital Currency software code found to contain back door CHEAT CODES
- Will allow the central bank to ALTER digital balances or FREEZE accounts at will
- All CBDCs will be "cheater's ledgers" where governments and central banks lie, cheat and steal
- HONEST ledgers are found in #crypto where no government can print new coins or delete balances
- Privacy coins cannot be found, scanned or confiscated by governments or banks
- When banks are ordered to freeze all assets - like what happened in Brazil - crypto will still function
- Chlorine dioxide found to kill MRSA superbugs
- 99.99% of superbugs killed in just 30 seconds with just 0.5ppm chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
- Published study calls for chlorine dioxide trials in human patients
- Chlorine dioxide is widely used for livestock and is very safe at proper doses
- Every prepper should have chlorine dioxide as part of their emergency medicine kit
- OFF-GRID EVERYTHING: Money, medicine, food, electricity. Don't depend on central authorities to grant you permission. Have your own means.
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