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Jul 10, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:00 Jamie Foxx
6:05 Chlorine Dioxide
11:10 DCTV
17:15 BRICS Breaking News
34:23 Bizarre Moment
41:50 Elon Musk
50:57 "Unified Ledger"
1:06:55 Interview with Dr. Kirk Moore 

- Russia confirms a new BRICS gold-backed #crypto solution will be introduced to the world
- De-dollarization will accelerate as the world drops the weaponized greenback currency
- US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen bows like a whimpering DOG in front of China official
- China restricts exports of gallium and germanium, choking off U.S. supply chains
- Massive Starlink manufacturing facility in Central Texas photographed with huge underground tunnels
- BIS publishes plan for total worldwide enslavement of the masses
- All financial assets will be "tokenized" and controlled by a "unified ledger"
- Globalists can alter the ledger at any time, to take away your assets based on your social credit score
- You will literally OWN NOTHING (and be doped up with psychiatric drugs to "be happy")
- Full interview with Dr. Kirk Moore, who is persecuted by the U.S. government

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