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Dec 6, 2023

- Impending event with insider information. (0:00)
- Potential economic collapse and CBDC implementation. (4:43)
- Bitcoin as a backup plan for US financial collapse. (13:39)
- Economic collapse, layoffs, and Chinese soldiers at the US border. (18:35)
- Gold backs and preparedness for unspecified future events. (27:57)
- Gold backs, health summit, and free documentary. (50:58)
- Disaster preparedness and logistics with SRP (59:30)
- Challenging deployment experiences during Hurricane Katrina. (1:14:45)
- US disaster readiness and response. (1:16:55)
- Unexplained fires in Maui with unusual characteristics. (1:29:57)
- Satellite phones and backup communication for emergency situations. (1:37:55)
- Prepping and survival strategies in uncertain times. (1:41:15)

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