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Dec 28, 2022

0:00 Intro
9:10 Humanity
25:50 Timothy Alberino


- Human voice mastery and what this teaches us about our gifts and capabilities
- Dozens of people died, FROZEN in their cars or on the streets during freeze wave
- Even with a clear forecast, people still did not plan or prep
- Most people can't see the storms coming in 2023
- Full interview with Timothy Alberino, author of "Birthright"
- Transhumanism and the SURRENDER of dominion over Earth
- Pre-Adamic civilization and its destruction
- Younger Dryas Boundary comet impact event
- The Great Flood and water inundation of ancient cities
- Ancient megaliths, and astroarchaeology time dating
- Athiests vs. Luciferians (theists)
- The coming KINETIC war with Christ upon his return
- How Luciferians are RECRUITING gullible humans to join the side of Satan
- Extraterrestrials are referenced in the Bible
- The "Elders" as cosmic architects who celebrated the creation of Earth
- Globalists think they can become gods through technology
- Spiritual implications of taking mRNA (transhumanism) jabs
- Surviving Hell on Earth as we await the return
- Every conscious human has the power to make a CHOICE between God vs. Lucifer

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