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Mar 10, 2020

Mainstream media journalists are beyond stupid. They are cognitively retarded, and Brian Williams (and some NYT reporter) just proved it yet again.

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Mar 29, 2019

Leftists are concentrated in cities, and every city is a death trap that depends on outside supply lines for its continued existence. To defeat the anti-American Leftist forces, pro-America forces don�t even have to enter the cities. They would only need to cut off the cities from rural America, which is where all...

Dec 18, 2018

New Jersey State Police are clearly planning on going door to door, confiscating normal-capacity gun magazines at gunpoint, arresting and shooting citizens if necessary.

Tyranny is here. Will New Jersey citizens resist tyranny?

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Dec 13, 2018

The libtards have now BANNED biological science in universities. No discussion of the differences between men and women is tolerated.

The insanity continues...

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Dec 11, 2018

Millennials think their consciousness can be uploaded to a machine while their physical body is "retired" (i.e. murdered).

Anybody who is stupid enough to believe this nonsense should probably be allowed to try.

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