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Nov 10, 2022

0:00 Intro
19:30 Take that Putin
23:15 FTX
32:50 Black Friday
35:50 John Perez
1:02:08 Beyond Meat
1:12:24 David Wilcock


- Finance giants offer lower lending rates to corporations that meet "woke" quotas
- If you hire more Blacks or Hispanics, you get lower rates
- If you hire more transgenders, gays, lesbians or bisexuals, you get lower rates
- Will hiring teams now start grilling applicants on who they have sex with?
- Finance companies will need to deploy GENDER COMPLIANCE AUDITORS
- Get ready for your "gender check" from the loan company
- Get ready for BLACKNESS COMPLIANCE AUDITS from finance companies
- Will they base loan compliance on shades of Black / tones of pigment in skin?
- Lighter-skinned Blacks might only count as 5/8ths of a "fully Black" (shades of slavery)
- This practice turns human beings into SLAVES / COMMODITIES based on external properties
- The ultimate dehumanizing enslavement system, packaged as "inclusive" or "woke"
- Crypto markets rocked by FTX fallout and collapse of liquidity
- Bitcoin drops nearly 22% in 2 days as crypto carnage spills over
- FTX accused of being a digital Ponzi scheme from the start
- Europe says "Take that, Putin!" while cutting off its own oil supply
- Beyond Meat is slashing employees because their products taste like crap

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