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Mar 16, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:35 Lead Contamination
12:00 Banking Crisis
30:05 Cancer Study
37:10 Pension Failures
40:20 Interview with Gregory Mannarino

- Latest news on the potential collapse of Credit Suisse and the imploding banking system
- Lead testing results for popular Moringa products sold on
- Why BANANAS are anti-cancer superfoods (yum yum!)
- Why PENSIONS are in deep trouble as banking failures accelerate and spread globally
- Bombshell interview with Gregory Mannarino about global financial contagion
- Credit Suisse looks likely to FAIL, causing counterparty risk across the USA
- How US banking asset shortfall could reach $4 trillion as the Fed raises interest rates
- #Crypto connection? Two of three failed US banks were crypto leaders... targeted?
- Why Mannarino urges people to get out of fiat and into silver, gold, crypto or other hard assets
- Mannarino's predictions for Federal Reserve interest rate action this year

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