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Jan 24, 2023

0:00 Intro 
3:23 WEF Menu
4:49 Chat GPT AI system
10:18 Traffic noise rules
13:04 Turmeric
16:08 Ultimate anti-aging remedy
33:07 Pakistan
38:50 Crazy things
44:30 Lyman Bishop

- ChatGPT AI system just passed an MBA final exam
- Human MANAGERS will soon be obsolete as AI takes over
- Traffic cameras now LISTENING and writing tickets for excessive sound
- Turmeric found to treat symptoms of IBD
- Ultrasound treatments found to REJUVENATE "zombie" cells like fountain of youth
- Tuning forks, sound healing and vibrational medicine
- Pakistan suffers nationwide grid failure, blames no one
- Critical infrastructure no longer reliable anywhere
- Great Britain pays residents to STOP using electricity
- Davos elitists tell us to EAT CRICKETS while they dine on salmon and steaks
- Full interview with Lyman Bishop of Hoplite Armor about ballistic protection

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