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Jan 20, 2023

0:00 Geoengineering
3:00 Alec Baldwin
8:59 Food Prices
13:35 Glyphosate Damage
19:02 Electric Cars
22:25 ATF Gun Control
25:32 Biden Regime
30:15 Genesis Collapse
30:55 BASF
38:15 Preparedness Mysteries
40:10 Dane Wigington


- Dane Wigington from #Geoengineering Watch joins Mike Adams to discuss attacks on the biosphere
- Weaponization of weather systems to steer storms and rainfall
- Nearly 200 US patents now exist on weather control tech
- How weather weaponization causes crop failures, food scarcity and starvation
- New ground-based laser system directs lightning strikes to intended targets
- Wall Street Journal now reporting on weather control tech
- Why Alec Baldwin should NOT go to jail over "Rust" shooting
- Campbell's tomato soup prices indicate insane currency devaluation
- #Glyphosate exposure found to cause oxidative stress and cancer
- Overweight electric cars may cause parking structures to collapse
- Rep. Matt Gaetz introduces bill to abolish the ATF
- Joe Biden is pushing us into WWIII by wanting to help #Ukraine attack Crimea
- #Crypto giant Genesis prepares to file for bankruptcy

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