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Feb 15, 2023

0:00 Predictions
7:37 Mass Shootings
8:31 Ohio Gas Cloud
17:21 Ford Electric Trucks
28:18 Dogecoin
33:16 Illinois Schools
48:03 Energy Crisis
56:40 War
1:09:47 Pure Blood Dating
1:20:14 Wind Turbine Collapse

- Michigan State mass shooter was let off an earlier felony charge by a left-wing DA
- Fighter jet audio confirms mystery objects being shot down were birthday balloons
- More chemicals revealed in the Ohio train crash and intentional IGNITION of the vinyl chloride
- Massive media cover-up continues as fish and animals die off, humans exposed to cancer chemicals
- Thousands of farms impacted, food production will suffer for years
- Biden admin pushing banks to cut off all financial ties to entire #crypto industry
- Binance stablecoin BUSD shut down by regulators; billions of dollars leave Binance
- ZERO literacy demonstrated by students in #Chicago public schools
- Switzerland suffering high inflation as energy costs skyrocket
- Europe has spent nearly $1 trillion subsidizing electricity costs for citizens
- French historian: World War III has already begun, spiraling out of control
- Russia deploys nuclear armed ships into the Baltic Sea
- Illinois Democrats pushing to REQUIRE EV charging stations in all new homes
- But you won't be ALLOWED to own a gas stove
- Democrats have no clue how the power grid operates
- Ancient human relatives ran tool shops 1.2 MILLION years ago
- Pureblood dating site called "Unjected" also serves as clean blood bank and fertility bank
- Wind turbines keep falling over because green energy libtards don't understand physics

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