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Feb 13, 2023

0:00 Intro
4:00 Disney
7:56 Sky Wars
50:20 Hillary Clinton
55:45 Turkey
1:08:17 Martin Armstrong

- What if Star Wars went totally woke? TRANS WARS
- Luke, I am your MOTHER
- Bad lip reading of Yoda and Luke
- Why Project Veritas is nothing without James O'Keefe
- FOUR objects shot down over North America
- The latest appear to be metallic birthday balloons
- US and Canadian military use million-dollar missiles to destroy five dollar balloons
- Why is controlled media pushing the alien craft theory?
- Looks like a test for a false flag alien invasion psyop
- Psyop would be used to demand one world government authority
- One object reported to be an OCTAGON - a code word used by globalists
- Benjamin Fulford reported on the Octagon Group from Switzerland in 2020
- Globalists use words, numbers and symbols to communicate through public channels
- Germany donates 88 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine: 88 means "Heil Hitler"
- Germany still run by Nazi fascists, as is most of Western Europe and North America
- Romanian Senator condemns mass genocide via vaccines and says Turkey earthquake was man-made
- Hillary Clinton partners with Rockefellers to push digital cash to "fight climate change"
- Mass murdering CDC adds covid-19 vaccines to childhood immunization schedule

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