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Aug 9, 2022

0:00 Trump
13:50 Other News
21:30 Inflation
33:30 Positive News
46:45 Vaccines
51:45 Australia
1:03:00 Terror


#DOJ and #FBI have become lawless terror cells waging a war against Trump and America.
- Calls for #nullification and #secession are growing louder as free states reject the insanity.
- Corrupt Biden sends another $4.5 BILLION to fund Ukraine's entire government!
- Amnesty International confirms #Ukraine is using innocent civilians as HUMAN SHIELDS
- New announcement in cold fusion confirms excess heat / energy production.
#Taiwan is being mass murdered by #BigPharma thanks to #vaccine obedience
- 75,000 Brits pledge to stop paying their electric bills due to rising costs
- US Treasury bans Tornado Cash crypto mixing service to stop "laundering" - laughable!

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