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Oct 28, 2022

0:00 Intro
13:05 Cordless Tesla
15:45 Headlines
23:25 BASF
31:33 Michael Yon
1:03:55 Kay Rubacek

- BASF announces "permanent" partial shuttering of operationsin Europe
- This will set off supply chain Armageddon across Europe
- No BASF = No fertilizer = NO FOOD
- Jim Cramer CRIES about plummeting META stock
- Tech stocks crater; Elon seizes helm of #Twitter
- Actor Tim Robbins admits truth about #vaccines
- Don't vote until Election Day!
- World's largest STEEL PLANTS shutting down in Germany
- Fertilizer SHORTAGE in America as exports go to Europe
- Arrogant vaccine pushers keep dying suddenly
- Second railroad union rejects deal
- UK power grid may be turned off on cold nights
- US oil refineries, once turned off, will NEVER come back online
- Huge flooding in Australia destroys wheat crops
- Interview with Michael Yon
- Interview with Kay Rubacek

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