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Oct 26, 2022

0:00 Update on Numanna
15:55 Other News
38:38 Mr. William Kirk


- NY Supreme Court smacks down NYC vaccine mandate
- 16 sanitation workers just took down the vaccine "Berlin Wall" in NY
- Why telling the TRUTH is a moral MUST
- Silence is complicity with evil
- US govt. buying huge quantities of radiological decontamination equipment
- Includes M8 paper, used for detecting chemical weapons
- 40% - 50% crop losses forecast for the Southern Hemisphere this crop season
- UK doctors are being brainwashed with transgender lunacy
- House Democrats RETRACT letter calling for diplomacy solution in Ukraine
- Now, anyone calling for PEACE is labeled a "Putin puppet"
- The powers that be want WAR at any cost, and they want it NOW
- Interview with Mr. William Kirk on ATF overreach, gun rights and arm braces

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