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Jan 26, 2023

0:00 Intro
16:05 Facial Aging
22:35 Viagra
24:34 Baby Food
35:20 Chris Olson
1:09:55 Russia vs. NATO
1:12:25 Mike Shelby
1:56:40 Special Report


- Pfizer director admits to dangerous gain-of-function research for vaccine profits
- Lab announcement regarding Tractor Supply chicken feed
- My "poofume" experience with hilarious ranch animals
- My, you look older: Weight loss drug causes rapid FACIAL AGING
- FDA finally proposes lead limits in baby food
- Scam alert for gold buyers - very common "bait and switch" tactic ripping people off
- Gold and silver inventory WHIPLASH results in plummeting premiums on metals
- Germany and USA commit to sending main battle tanks to Ukraine
- German minister publicly declares (in English) "war with Russia"
- Germany violates the terms of its World War II surrender to Allies
- Russia now forced to escalate its response - will it go nuclear?
- Interview with Mike Shelby with Forward Observer: #China #Taiwan #Ukraine #Russia #NATO
- Special report on the resurrection of fascist Nazis by Germany and the West
- Prepare for global nuclear war, and for cities like Berlin and Washington D.C. to be destroyed

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