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Jun 5, 2023

0:00 Intro
5:10 Cryptocurrency
35:58 World of Cult Fanatics
55:25 Funny News

- Why I'm harsh on Trump about vaccines and Operation Warp Speed
- If RFK, Jr. gets the D nomination, he will win the election
- Too many people are CULT FOLLOWERS of celebrities or famous people
- Why Bitcoin will become the global reserve digital currency
- How humanity can reject authoritarian governments and financial systems
- Climate lunatics are now letting air out of the tires of vehicles
- Why you should travel with a bicycle foot pump in your car
- South African government is restricting WATER from white people
- Terraforming company is STEALING farm land from Americans using eminent domain
- Why WOKE corporations are suffering from the growing backlash
- Wokeism is a CULT of lunatics, and society is increasingly rejecting their insanity

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