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Jun 29, 2023

0:00 Intro
3:28 Programming Notes
8:26 Titan Submarine
13:52 Electric Vehicles
18:55 The Fall of Democracy
33:36 Malaria Alert
Interview with Dick Russell

- New commenting system coming to
- More resources on stockpiling ingredients for chlorine dioxide
- 250 Hollywood woke fascists try to SILENCE anyone who criticizes trans mutilations of children
- Electric vehicles cause TWICE the damage to roads due to extreme weight
- OceanGate submarine used discount second-hand carbon fiber rated for AIRPLANES, not subs
- Dictator Zelensky says NO ELECTIONS until the war is over
- Biden may try the same tactic: Use WAR to stay in power indefinitely
- Ukraine isn't a democracy; it's a tyrannical dictatorship with no free speech or free press allowed
- Florida and CDC now pushing MALARIA panic psyop
- Will Malaria vaccines be pushed as the next experimental injection for the gullible masses?
- What works against malaria: Artemisinin
- The entire corporate media will try to SILENCE anyone talking about artemisinin from sweet wormwood herb
- Just like they tried to cover up the truth about ivermectin
- Full interview with Dick Russell, author of "The Real RFK, Jr."

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