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Feb 19, 2024

- Censorship, drug use, and its consequences. (0:03)
- Open borders, censorship, and AI hallucinations. (4:55)
- Vaccine effectiveness and censorship in France. (9:15)
- Fake science journal article and trucker boycott of New York City. (14:28)
- Trucker boycott of blue cities as civil war approaches. (20:03)
- Potential trucking boycott and its impact on cities. (26:19)
- Crime, culture, and law. (37:40)
- Race, crime, and transgender issues. (43:56)
- Transgender issues and milk production. (49:29)
- Gold backs, lab tests, and the Liberty dollar. (54:40)
- Government's legal case against Liberty dollar project. (1:00:49)
- Inflation, debt, and the impact on standard of living. (1:27:53)
- Organic, lab-tested instant meals and survival gear. (1:41:42)

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