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Jan 9, 2016

This is fantastic news for all NaturalNews fans and readers: Many months in the making, we're now able to announce a format refocus on natural health, clean food, green living and laboratory test results for the website.

At the same time, we've just launched which will carry all the news on everything else (elections, geopolitics, liberty, business and finance, etc.).

What this means is that will revert to its foundational focus on holistic health, nutrition, the healing arts, sustainable living, food self-reliance and similar topics. Over the last year or so, I had allowed NaturalNews to get diverted into coverage of politics, liberty and similar subjects. Obviously, I'm passionate about these topics and I believe that health freedom can only exist in a nation where other freedoms are simultaneously respected. The recent passage of SB 277 in California, for example -- the vaccine mandate bill -- is a direct result of the loss of individual liberty and medical choice that now threatens our entire nation.

Nevertheless, the domain name "" simply isn't a good fit for stories on politics, liberties, market crashes and the threat of terrorism. The name just doesn't click when the topics aren't related to "natural" living or food.

So last year, I began working on launching, which was actually the domain name we used for many years before acquiring in 2007.

So now, we are re-launching to take on all the politics, finance, survival, liberty and other similar news, leaving for its original intended purpose. is up and running right now... check it out!

Stories begin shifting Monday

You'll notice that stories on will begin to dramatically shift starting on Monday. We still have a few politics-related stories in the publishing queue, but all new stories being entered into the queue will have a health, environment or green living focus.

This doesn't mean we won't cover health topics that have a political component, of course. We'll still cover the disastrous failure of Obamacare, health freedom legislation and the entire issue of Congress selling us out on GMO labeling.

We just won't be posting PURE politics on anymore.

If you're a fan of liberty, continue to follow my work on

I shall remain the editor of while also taking on the editor role of If you're a fan of my writing or podcasts on liberty, the Bill of Rights, the global debt collapse or other similar topics, breeze on over to to catch my articles there.

I've always been 100% transparent about my political beliefs on NaturalNews, by the way. I'm a clean food loving, liberty loving, organic smoothie drinking defender of gun rights, freedom of speech and free market principles for economic liberty. I live on a ranch and I grow my own food, care for many different animals and practice self-reliance through rainwater collection, seed saving, wood heating of my home and other techniques.

At the same time, I run a forensic science lab (, I launched a line of survival gear (, I built a massive relational database of over 12 million published science articles (, I invented a non-electric food grow system for food self-reliance (, I launched a search engine (, built a large news aggregation website system (, and created a massive multi-site publishing content system that now powers dozens of newly launched websites such as,, and

I'm trained as a small aircraft pilot, I speak conversational Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, I'm an expert in ICP-MS analysis of foods and I'm a long-range target shooter, capable of putting a .338 Lapua round on a 16" target at 1000 yards. (By the way, bullet ballistics and laboratory science have a LOT in common. They both rely on a solid understanding of physics as well as rapid unit conversion skills.)

My interests are diverse, and my passion is for life, liberty and clean food. I want to share this full passion with you, which is why it was so important to launch, creating the proper online location to bring you all my reporting on important things for humanity that aren't directly related to health.

This year, I have many surprises in store for you, and I look forward to bringing you cutting edge food science results, survival gear review videos and many other things that we have in the works which will blow your mind!

So keep reading for all the news on nutrition, clean food, green living and more. All the politics, liberty, finance and other news now goes over to See you there!