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Jan 18, 2016

In this powerful audio, Mike Adams reveals the ultimate secret for taking money from the rich: Get them to voluntarily exchange it with you for something you're offering of value!

Liberal leftists think that wealth must be confiscated at gunpoint and STOLEN from wealthy people in order to redistribute it to their voter base. But Adams explains why coercion is not the answer... real wealth, he says, comes from the wellspring of voluntary exchanges of goods, services and innovation.

If you want to take money from the rich, in other words, come up with something worth trading for it. Don't invoke a totalitarian government to put a gun to someone's head and take it from them by force!

Mike Adams, also known as the "Health Ranger", is one of the most successful internet publishers of all time, having launched numerous websites that promote ideas of liberty, innovation and economic freedom for all:  (podcast website)  (top health freedom site)  (online talk radio with 30+ hosts)  (news aggregation replacement for Google News)  (alternative search engine) 

and many more.