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Sep 29, 2023

0:00 Lawless NY Judge
3:58 EVs
17:31 Philadelphia
23:35 Black Lives Matter
29:22 China
44:34 Full interview with Sean from SGT Report

- Mob instigators clearly aiming to provoke a #police brutality incident they can capture on video
- Black Lives Matter activist pleads guilty to fundraising FRAUD
- US cities are collapsing faster than we ever thought possible
- Retailers are FLEEING the cities: CVS, Rite Aid, Target and more
- The Biden regime needs a nationwide crisis to distract from Joe's crimes and #impeachment
- #Trump targeted by lawless NY judge who issues decree to strip Trump of his businesses assets
- It's the kind of tactic used under #communism #tyranny against the regime's political enemies
- Anthropological societies BAN any discussion of biological sex to protect #LGBT delusion
- #SCIENCE has become a total JOKE as "scientists" reject actual biology in favor of virtue signaling
- #China has a naval ship construction capacity 200+ times greater than the USA
- The US is rushing to try to go to WAR with China before China can out-build the US Navy
- The US can no longer manufacture munitions, ships or fighting vehicles in sufficient numbers
- US global power is collapsing, to be replaced by a multi-polar world: BRICS, China, Russia, etc.
- Full interview with Sean from SGT Report - #BlackPilling America

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