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Sep 28, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:35 Gold
13:30 The Real Chaos
17:00 Target
21:42 Sensitive Story
1:18:16 Interview with Celeste Solum


- COSTCO now selling #gold bars, and they are selling out in minutes
- #Looting MOBS ransack downtown Philadelphia as police are overrun
- Virtue signaling white female CEO raped and murdered by violent black criminal
- Corporations hired 94% non-whites in year after BLM #riots and terrorism
- Globalists are trying to spark a RACE WAR across America by turning whites against blacks
- We must RESIST the invocation of hatred and remember we are all on TEAM HUMANITY
- As cities collapse, police will declare large sectors to be "no go" zones
- Violent criminal gangs will take over the cities as lawlessness reigns
- They will run RAIDS on suburbs and rural areas to acquire food and supplies
- Nearly all retailers and convenience stores will abandon the blue cities due to crime and violence
- Rural communities that wish to survive will need to organize road blocks and joint defense
- Property values in the collapsed cities will plummet to near-zero
- Those cities will go bankrupt, and the feds will bail them out to keep #pensions funded and prevent uprisings
- Massive fiat currency printing will commence, producing TRILLIONS more dollars, flooding the money supply
- #Inflation will skyrocket as the domestic money supply is flooded with more currency
- #FEMA will attempt to run rescue operations in the collapsed inner cities, bringing tents, food and water
- Many cities (like Chicago) will collapse into THIRD WORLD STATUS with tent encampments dotting the landscape
- Full interview with Celeste Solum on synthetic biology and human hybridization

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