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Oct 5, 2023

0:00 Intro
11:30 Supply Chain
23:05 Main Story
48:29 Child Trafficking
1:05:18 Interview with Greg Hunter

- Fraud in the food and supplements industry
- Lab update: Dioxins, heavy metals and more
- Our lawsuits against Big Tech
- Supreme Court may rule against censorship by tech giants
- #Mayorkas suddenly wants to build a border wall
- #Biden regime reverses course, panics about building the wall
- #Democrats are seeing their cities overrun by illegals
- #Obama / Biden regime no longer needs American Democrat voters because they will be REPLACED
- Democrats literally plan to exterminate their own voter base and cancel elections
- Former US defense official argues in favor of using #nuclear weapons against #Russia
- The US leaders have gone MAD and now represent the most EVIL empire on planet Earth
- They need a BIG CRISIS to cancel elections, suspend the Constitution and seize total power
- #CIA involved in massive child trafficking ring happening in broad daylight across the USA
- Full interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog

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