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Oct 3, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:00 Nuclear War Drills in Russia
2:22 EBS Test
3:38 Fear
10:42 Carjacks & Murders
14:35 Legal Alert
19:13 Illegal Immigration
26:43 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
37:58 Fire Alarm Idiot
50:00 Other News
59:18 Trump
1:21:27 Interview with Sayer Ji

- Member of Congress carjacked in DC as crime explodes across America's cities
- Left-wing journalist who mocked conservative warnings about violence found SHOT TO DEATH in his own home
- Video compilation shows how corporate media pushed incessant FEAR about COVID to manipulate the masses
- New poll shows #RFK Jr's run as independent will hurt #Biden a lot more than #Trump
- Congressman Jamaal Bowman is a low-IQ idiot who tells us he thought pulling a fire alarm would open a door
- 14-year-old Swedish girl HANGED Muslim rapist in the woods as vigilantism rises
- When borders are wide open, police are de-funded and DAs won't prosecute criminals, local people take justice into their own hands
- New car dealer in Philly has 60% of its cars STOLEN in less than one week
- mRNA vaccines linked to vaginal bleeding
- Fifth circuit rules against #ATF and allows "80%" gun kits to be sold by two companies: 80PercentArms and Defense Distributed
- #Pentagon says it's running out of money to replace the munitions and weapons sent to #Ukraine
- The US simply no longer has an industrial base necessary to wage war with a major power like #Russia
- GREEN AND MEAN: Law enforcement are now policing EV charging stations as impatient EV owners bicker and fight
- Wind farms are slaughtering eagles and whales, and the green cultists don't care
- #Trump achieves court victory against corrupt NY prosecutor and judge in rigged, lawless civil trial
- Bill Clinton and NY Gov. Hochul both call for closing the open borders to halt mass illegal immigration
- Suddenly Democrats are panicked over open borders as wave of illegals occupy and disrupt their cities

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