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Oct 2, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:14 Backflip
5:43 Philadelphia
7:27 Trump suggests
12:23 Cannibal Released
17:05 Independent Candidate
49:38 Hungary

- Philadelphia collapses into a zombie-infested, crime-ridden apocalyptic sh#tshow after police defunded by Democrats
- President Trump suggests looters should be SHOT as a way to stop violent mobs of organized criminals
- Connecticut psych ward releases brain-eating cannibal 50 years early for "good behavior"
- #RFK Jr. to announce run as Independent candidate, rejecting the corrupt #DNC
- How RFK could either win the presidency himself or cause #Trump to win a “special election” involving the states
- Germany's MP says medium-range CRUISE MISSILES should be handed over to #Ukraine to strike targets deep within #Russia
- Russia's Medvedev says this will make GERMAN FACTORIES legitimate targets for Russian missile strikes
- (Kiss Germany's industrial infrastructure goodbye...)
- #Hungary targeted by heavily armed border invaders with automatic weapons who have already shot 168 border officials
- Open borders policies in the USA will escalate into kinetic warfare against America once the border is more secure
- American law enforcement will have to locate, arrest and DEPORT millions of illegal invaders
- This will turn America's streets and towns into open warfare battlefields
- NY Gov. Hochul calls for LIMITS on who is allowed to enter the USA -- apparently the "sanctuary" status was just virtue signaling
- Dem. Congressman pulls fire alarm to try to delay House vote on US budget spending that denies money to #Ukraine
- When Democrats can't win, they cause CHAOS
- US govt. is $33 trillion in debt and Treasury rates are skyrocketing, meaning interest on the debt will explode
- The spiral of printing money to pay interest on the #debt of previously printed money is going to end in a spectacular collapse
- Anyone left holding #dollars or trusting the banks will be utterly wiped out
- #Gold and #silver are REAL assets, and real money... fiat currency is NOT money (it is debt)
- #Russia has successfully bypassed Western sanctions on nearly all oil shipments
- #Blackrock CEO Larry Fink sees MORE FEAR than any time in his entire career
- Prepare for chaos from every angle

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