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Nov 14, 2023

0:00 Psychosis
11:05 The Horseman of the ECONOMIC APOCALYPSE
1:05:10 Interview with Michael Yon

- We have crossed the tipping point of anarchy
- Looters ransack Fedex, Amazon trucks in memphis
- America breaking down into lawlessness and chaos
- US Treasury debt downgraded to "negative" rating
- Moody's doubts US ability to pay back #debt
- GA county commissioner found passed out drunk, sitting in her own urine
- Orthodox Jewis rabbi says #Judaism YES, #Zionism NO!
- #Trump wants US military to run concentration camps for illegals
- Will Trump turn America into an ICE police state?
- Israeli soldier plants LGBT flag in Gaza, claiming transgender domain over #Palestine
- Because MUTILATING children is of course the next step after BOMBING them
- Last interview with doctor killed in #Gaza, bombed to death by #Israeli military
- Venezuelan illegals flee Chicago and return to Venezuela
- Living under starvation and authoritarianism deemed BETTER than living in #Chicago
- Emergency interview with Michael Yon about mass illegal migration as an INVASION of the USA

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