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May 29, 2023

0:00 Intro
2:50 The Worst Deal
18:43 Finance
33:28 Texas
40:44 Nuclear War

- House Speaker Kevin McCathy CAVES to Biden on the debt ceiling
- Now clear the USA will print money to the point of collapse
- The fate of the dollar (and the USA) is now sealed
- USA could DEFAULT on debt as early as June
- Target partners with satanist to push for child mutilations
- Target loses $10 billion in 10 days as boycott accelerates
- Tranny terrorists threaten to BOMB five Target stores for pulling some LGBT displays
- USA Today LIES to its readers, falsely claiming Target bomb threats due to conservatives
- State Farm halts new home insurance policies in California due to impending catastrophe
- Texas AG Ken Paxton impeached by cabal of RINOs and Dems, all funded by Big Pharma and Big Tech
- Paxton needs our support to survive the senate trial
- Former Russian president Medvedev promises pre-emptive nuclear strike against the West if F-16s are given to Ukraine
- Certain F-16 fighter jets can carry nuclear weapons
- Biden has found the perfect way to make sure America is nuked
- This would allow the Obiden regime the perfect cover story for financial collapse and martial law

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