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May 17, 2024


- Russian rocket firings off US West Coast, potential impact on flight safety. (0:03)
- #Dollar decline and DEI fraud scheme involving Facebook and Nike. (5:03)
- Why most #Jews oppose #Zionism due to its supremacist philosophy. (14:19)
- Zionism and its impact on Palestinians. (19:19)
- Palestinian rights, Zionism, and human dignity. (32:10)
- Potential changes under Trump 2.0, with focus on First Amendment and human rights. (38:45)
- Trump's presidency, energy policies, and military intervention in Mexico. (44:46)
- Potential military deployment to address illegal immigration and anti-Semitism, with concerns about authoritarianism and free speech. (56:11)
- Luck, intuition, and #consciousness with author Randall Fitzgerald. (1:00:55)
- #Intuition and consciousness with a writer who explores the science behind it. (1:08:18)
- The power of intuition and consciousness in influencing chance events. (1:12:07)
- The impact of human consciousness on the quantum world. (1:19:07)
- Harnessing intuition and luck through meditation, vibrations, and spoken word prayer. (1:26:26)
- The power of intuition and AI's potential impact on human consciousness. (1:31:15)

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