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May 10, 2024

- Building AI language models, with new releases coming soon. (0:03)
- Eliminating medical debt through legislation. (3:22)
- Student and medical debt, government handouts and taxpayer money. (7:54)
- The price gouging medical system. (12:43)
- Government debt, bailouts, and taxation. (25:37)
- Texas AG Ken Paxton's efforts to halt illegal immigration and the role of NGOs. (32:04)
- Israel says it can stand alone without US support. (40:40)
- Government #censorship and Zionist influence in politics. (51:09)
- GOP's shift towards #fascism and betrayal of American values. (56:14)
- Decentralized living and secret passageways. (1:08:10)
- Hiding secret rooms and passages in homes using engineering and psychology. (1:18:25)
- Secret doors and hidden rooms for #privacy and #security. (1:22:54)
- Building secret doors, challenges and solutions. (1:52:59)

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