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Mar 22, 2023

0:00 Announcement
2:35 Headlines Reviews
14:35 Putin
18:10 7 Critical Things
45:20 Bioweapons
1:03:00 Pension payout wipeout

- Situation Update is now Brighteon Broadcast News (BBN)
- Putin and Xi plot the global demise of the petro dollar
- Former CDC head Dr. Redfield warns of far WORSE plandemic yet to come
- Israel to criminalize the teaching of scripture or mentioning JESUS
- Fauci on video pushing BLACKS into vaccine genocide for extermination
- Dr. Greta is in the house: Academia beclowns itself by awarding honorary doctorate to scornful climate clown
- The seven things that MUST STOP for humanity to survive
- How censorship, bioweapons and woke culture wars will END human civilization if not halted
- Why pensions and social security are being WIPED OUT by money printing and #inflation
- The "friction of FICTION" and why living in a delusional fantasy land never pans out

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