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Jul 8, 2024

- Unpredictable hurricane path and forecasting inaccuracies. (0:00)
- Weather control technology and geoengineering. (3:25)
- Hamas the Rooster goes on the attack (video). (9:14)
- An actual Idiocracy speech by president of the NEA (National Education Association). (14:55)
- Patriot Front FAKE patriot group is run by the feds. (21:19)
- Potential false flag operation to rig US election. (28:11)
- France's election outcome lurches the country to the far left. (38:58)
- Decline of Western Europe and rise of Islam due to Christian apathy and complacency. (44:40)
- Christianity, Islam, and the treatment of Palestinians by Israel. (51:34)
- Accelerating demise of the US dollar and its potential impact on global peace and prosperity. (1:08:05)
- The cycles of civilization decline, from dependence to bondage. (1:16:56)

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