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Jul 4, 2024

- President Trump's profound statement on Big Pharma, Big Food and the toxins that make people sick. (0:03)
- Causes of chronic illnesses and why Big Pharma is making us all sick. (2:29)
- Trump's plan to investigate dangerous prescription medications and vaccine safety. (8:25)
- Food safety, testing, and regulation. (14:58)
- Preventing chronic degenerative disease with Vitamin D
- Why mRNA vaccination is a criminal fraud that must be halted. (20:47)
- Banning harmful food additives and pesticides. (25:04)
- Implementing free market principles in healthcare using a government-paid medical debit card. (27:34)
- Healthcare transparency and cost competition. (33:11)
- Chlorine dioxide as an emergency medicine and agricultural tool. (39:58)
- Politics, election rigging, and Independence Day. (45:57)

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