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Jul 10, 2024

- Power grid failures in Nigeria and America. (0:03)
- Joe Biden's mental acuity and potential for Weekend at Bernie's. (3:47)
- Election fraud and illegals: The "vote fraud amnesty confession" plan. (8:09)
- Why millions of illegals must be deported. (20:56)
- Joe Biden's health deteriorating with more Parkinson's disease symptoms. (37:25)
- Economics, petrodollar system, and pandemics. (41:33)
- The coming collapse of the #petrodollar system and its implications for World War III. (54:26)
- US dollar's dominance in global trade and potential collapse due to #inflation and debt. (1:03:43)
- US economic decline and consequences for Americans. (1:13:39)
- Potential global conflict triggers, including Iran and Russia. (1:40:07)
- The collapse of the petrodollar system and the rise of #BRICS currencies. (1:46:48)

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