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Aug 25, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:54 Lahaina
25:11 COVID Scamdemic
42:10 Robinhood
50:05 Taco Bell
57:55 BRICS
1:02:33 Shoplifting
1:18:43 Interview with Wil Spencer

- #COVID #plandemic is pre-announced to hospital workers as the plan unfolds
- Video of things that mysteriously did NOT burn in #Lahaina
- Massive government cover-up means they have something horrific to hide
- HUNDREDS of children were burned alive and drowned, some bodies washed ashore
- #FEMA doing everything to hide photos, videos and evidence of crimes against children
- FEMA officials staying in luxury hotels while complaining about a lack of funds
- Dr. Jordan Peterson ordered to under go re-education camp training on #climate and #trans
- NORWAY locks up a man in a psychiatric ward for questioning safety of #mRNA jabs
- CDC admits new covid "variant" will infect those who already received all the jabs
- Taco Bell moving toward digital cash, Wendy's is trying AI-powered drive-through systems
- True story of working at Pizza Hut with a drooling coworker
- After SIX weeks, #Robinhood releases my accounts without explanation
- If I ran the Robinhood customer service department (comedy)
- Saudi Arabia and many other nations join #BRICS while the #dollar nears its end
- DESPERATION: People are shoplifting from DOLLAR stores
- Full interview with Wil Spencer on solutions for eliminating cellular nanocircuitry from the body

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