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Aug 1, 2023

0:00 Intro
1:01 American REFUGEES
1:22:45 Interview with Patty Myers

- Resist the cashless society by paying with CASH at local retailers
- Gonzalo Lira's plight to flee #Ukraine is a lesson for what's coming for millions of Americans
- He will be given a "death sentence" for committing "speech crimes" on YouTube
- Use #Bastyon and #Qortal as P2P, decentralized content platforms to bypass #censorship
- Government will EXTORT you and confiscate whatever assets they can see
- Use #privacy coins like #Monero or #Firo to preserve wealth in a format that can't be seen
- #Reparations will BANKRUPT California, which will STEAL billions from white households
- All white-owned bank accounts could be seized by the California government, then LOOTED
- A day is coming when the #dollar "rug pull" is initiated
- PANIC will ensue, and left-wing cities will be plunged into chaos and collapse
- Fleeing without dying will require skills, equipment and self-defense
- Privacy #crypto can be carried in your MIND by memorizing a 12-word seed phrase
- Expect red US states to erect border barriers, blocking #refugees from blue states

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